How Effective Is A Certificate of Authenticity?

The consumer market for sports collectables and autographed pieces has been growing rapidly. Just a few years ago, the industry saw at least $2 billion in income, and it has been growing skyrocketing in the past few years. To put it simply: people love sports, and they love authentic sports memorabilia even more. Holding an autographed baseball or looking at a signed game helmet can put you back in the game that made you realize you’d fallen in love with the sport, and that’s why these pieces matter, and it explains why there’s such a high demand for certain items.

If you’ve ever gone shopping for Charlotte sports memorabilia, you may have picked up on a little tag that most stores add on to the item description. Usually they mention having a Certificate of Authenticity. While it may seem like just another hoop to jump through, this little certificate adds value to your item. It ensures hat the item is genuine, rather than being a replica or an imitation. This will help make it so that if you decide to sell the piece in the future, you have something to prove that it is real – compared to individuals who try to pass replica items as the real deal. This certificate will help protect your investment as well as be something to brag about.

Charlotte sports memorabilia can be a great hobby for anyone – grandparents and kids alike can find the simple joy in looking at an autographed piece and knowing the story behind it. It can feel great to know that your treasured items are real, and that’s what the Certificate of Authenticity is here to do. Head on over to our online store for a large collection of certified sports memorabilia!