All Kinds Of Autographs & Memorablia

The Charlotte sports memorabilia market is saturated with autographed jerseys, game balls, and more. There are millions of different sports collectables out there, but only certain ones are really worth their weight in gold. An autographed game-worn Derek Jeter jersey could be worth tens of thousands, where some other autographed pieces by different athletes could only be worth a hundred dollars or less. However, one thing you can be sure of is that all Charlotte sports memorabilia will eventually rise in value, as all collectables and limited-edition pieces do. As time passes and there are less and less items available for purchase, the value of an autograph rises – and that’s why some pieces are worth so much.

Finding a signed autograph locked away in old storage could be similar to hitting a small lottery. Finding a rare Charlotte sports memorabilia item could be your ticket to making a profit and spending a little extra time relaxing. However, the thing about autographs is that you have to worry about their authenticity. Not all autographs come with a certificate of authenticity, and those are the ones you need to worry about. It’s important not go get scammed into buying counterfeit pieces – no matter how good of a replica you have on your hands, the value is nowhere near the cost of the actual item. There are too many places out there nowadays where you can buy counterfeit items, and that’s why we focus on providing authentic pieces to our fans. A real item is worth much more than a replica. Always look for a certificate of authenticity if you want your investment to last.