Authentic Sports Memorabilia

Anyone who’s ever thought of collecting certain pieces of Charlotte sports memorabilia knows that there is a big difference between certified and uncertified items. Authentic items are worth their weight in gold, and they usually come with a Certificate of Authenticity to prove that they are real, autographed pieces. It can be risky to purchase an item that doesn’t come with a signed certificate – it could be only a replica and you might not ever know it. Much worse, the lack of certificate could leave you in the dust if you tried to sell it for the original price.

A lot of reputable Charlotte sports memorabilia stores sell their items with certificates. If they don’t have one, it is possible to request that they get one from the original source. The value that a certificate adds to an item can be astounding.

If you’re interested in sports collectables, consider the store that you are buying the item from. Large or specialized memorabilia stores tend to sick to authentic, certified items, because any fraud could cause damage to their reputation. It’s a good idea to check store reputations before you decide to go through with any purchase.

It is also unlikely that the actual sports team will sell fake items – in fact, it’s unheard of. For this reason, you can usually trust your investment to two different types of retailers. Auctions hosted by sports teams and specialized Charlotte sports memorabilia retailers are the best places to look for authentic, valuable items.