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Autographed Charlotte sports memorabilia is very unique. They all come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Some items belong to a specific event and time, while others are just general pieces that have something to do with an artist. Depending on when an item was worn or autographed, an item could end up costing thousands of […]

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It can be difficult to get an authentic, autographed piece of sports memorabilia. There are many opportunities where you can go out and get an autograph right from the athlete. Many other times you can get autographed items from gift shops that belong to the stadiums and actual league. However, plenty of times, you’ll find […]

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You’re sitting down enjoying the big game and watching your favorite team race to the finish. Maybe you’re relaxing and watching your favorite player hit a home run, or take down the opposition. You already have a few autographed items from them, and maybe even a replica jersey – but you want more. That is […]

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The Charlotte sports memorabilia market is saturated with autographed jerseys, game balls, and more. There are millions of different sports collectables out there, but only certain ones are really worth their weight in gold. An autographed game-worn Derek Jeter jersey could be worth tens of thousands, where some other autographed pieces by different athletes could […]

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People like to collect many different things. Some of them spend their time on baseball cards, while others spend their time on comics, toys, coins, and stamps. The market for collectibles is huge and goes off into many different tangents, but one of the heavyweights is Charlotte sports memorabilia. The market for sports collectibles is […]

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If you’re a die-hard fan of any team, you know how great it can feel to have your hands on a limited edition, autographed item by then. It can be a joy to show off to your friends the next time you host a game-night, and it can be something to look at and feel […]

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If you watch sports often, you know that the value of a player shifts around depending on many different factors. They could be worth more because of their team’s standing in the playoffs, or worth less because of a few bad games. Regardless of how they’re doing, the question is: what will they do in […]

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The consumer market for sports collectables and autographed pieces has been growing rapidly. Just a few years ago, the industry saw at least $2 billion in income, and it has been growing skyrocketing in the past few years. To put it simply: people love sports, and they love authentic sports memorabilia even more. Holding an […]

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Anyone who’s ever thought of collecting certain pieces of Charlotte sports memorabilia knows that there is a big difference between certified and uncertified items. Authentic items are worth their weight in gold, and they usually come with a Certificate of Authenticity to prove that they are real, autographed pieces. It can be risky to purchase […]

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