Fraud Memorabilia

Autographed Charlotte sports memorabilia is very unique. They all come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Some items belong to a specific event and time, while others are just general pieces that have something to do with an artist. Depending on when an item was worn or autographed, an item could end up costing thousands of dollars. The actual item that was autographed could have a very big effect on the worth of it as well – for example, a signed photo may not be as valuable as a game-worn jersey. We’ve seen worn jerseys and helmets sell for tens of thousands of dollars, and the trend isn’t going away.
However, with all of the available types of Charlotte sports memorabilia that are out there, you have to keep an eye out for frauds and fake pieces. The best way to really make money and find joy in collecting sports items is to make sure that they are authentic. This will give it a piece of history that replicas and copies just can’t achieve. Having a Certificate of Authenticity with every item you get is a good way to make sure that your investments are secure and that you aren’t spending time and money on a fraud. The investments that go into Charlotte sports memorabilia from year to year totals to a few billion dollars. Don’t let your money go to waste by buying a fake item – make sure that it’s real by getting a certificate with it and buying from a reputable shop that keeps authenticity at the top of the list.